By retaining BPS permit specialist, you are leaving the extensive, often challenging tasks of research, application submittal and follow-up at the building department to experts. BPS expediters understand requirements and can help architects, engineers, builders and contractors get your building permit submitted swiftly.

BPS handles all type of permit including commercial and residential



Large Commercial Jobs

Site plan

New Buildings and Major Renovations

Interior build out, minor Renovations and Demos

Commercial Alarm Systems, Fire and Sprinkler System

Roof- Signs-electrical and mechanical


New Homes – Solar- Pools- Additions and Renovations- Windows, Doors and Storm Shutters

Roof- Mechanical and Electrical

Request duplicate placard and extensions - Red Tags

Notice of Commencement

Register Contractor’s License

Register Contractor’s License with PCCLB

 Building Permit Solutions is part of your team working hard to expedite your permits. Our expert staff has over 25 years of experience and relationship building within our coverage area. Our reputation for securing permits is second to none. Team work and municipal relationships are the secret to our success.

We can handle all your permitting needs, from research, submission to follow up. You can trust our solid reputation coupled with our expert service and outstanding customer support to get your permit started today

Let us make your job easier and get your staff on the job site quickly. We are at the building departments so you don’t have to be. We do all the paper work for you and we know what jurisdictions need so, you don’t have to. We charge a reasonable amount with no contracts.